How it works

 Step 1. Securely connect your banking and credit card accounts 

The Earthlium platform uses Open Banking to connect with all major banking and credit card providers. Connecting your accounts in this way lets you view all your transactions in one place. It also allows you to regulate the data you share with us, and for how long, without ever sharing password information. This transfer of data can only be authorised by you and cannot happen without your consent.

Step 2. Review the environmental impact of your transactions

The Earthlium home page provides a summarised view of all your banking and credit card transactions. Every brand or business you transact with is awarded an Earth rating, reflecting its estimated environmental impact. These Earth ratings, together with the amount of expenditure you incur with each brand, determine the amount of Earthlium awarded for each transaction.

Step 3. Learn more and have your say

Read brand reviews and ratings to learn more about their environmental impact. Have an experience to share? Have your say by providing your own reviews and ratings.


Step 4. Earn rewards for going green 

The first of its kind, Earthlium is the new rewards token that pays to be green. It is awarded for transactions made with sustainable brands and businesses. These green tokens can be spent on exclusive discounts with our partner brands, providing users with immediate utility value.

We’re just getting started

We’re working hard to get Earthlium up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any bright ideas, or have the skills to help us on this journey, please get in touch at

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